Adventures in Care giving

So I run a business, am an active volunteer for the SCA, and am a care giver for a disabled veteran, my grandson, and our parents.  This leaves little time for me.  In fact the demands on my time are so extensive that for the most part my business suffers because so much of my time is spent doing things for others.  Don't get me wrong, I love being a care giver.  I love the folks I help and I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they are well cared for.  It does create stress for me though and I have had to learn to say no.  Mostly I have learned to limit my time on computers, Facebook, Instagram, and the likes.  For my business I am constantly doing research and so that is the only computer time I allow outside of my once a week for everything else.  Learning to limit things to one day a week has been both good and bad.  It does mean that I have to spend time to catch up but it also has forced me really identify what information is important to me and what isn't that important.  I think this has relieved some of my stress and frustration.  I also have limited my time following politics which has helped tremendously.

What is the hardest thing about care giving?  Deciding what is truly important, what I can live without, and remembering that I need to have time for me also.


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